2017 Schedules:
Schedules will look different this year. We anticipate playing nearly 90% of all games as Bondurant vs. Bondurant teams. In years past, Bondurant teams traveled to towns of Pleasant Hill, Runnells, Highland Park, Saydel, and Colfax. Teams weren't guaranteed to play each other even once, let alone as home and away. This year we hope our numbers justify playing as an internal league. This should allow us to have a consistent understanding of rules, objectively reward season champions, allow our kids to play against all of their friends and schoolmates, and hopefully improve the overall experience and competitiveness of our league. Change like this is never easy, so we ask for your patience as we work through possible challenges. 

Tee Wee will play all games on Sunday Afternoons 
Pee Wee will play games on Friday evenings and Sunday Afternoons
Minors & Majors will play on any possible evening of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

There may be a few games in each division of Pee Wee, Minors, and Majors where two games are played on the same field on a single night. In this situation, the first games start will move up 1/2 an hour to 5:30. In Minors and Majors, players are NOT ALLOWED to play in 2 games on a single day, but that may occur for Pee Wee teams as a true double header.

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